Director-in-Training Volunteer Program

Kid Stock is excited to announce our new Director-in-Training (DIT) Volunteer Program for summer volunteers! Volunteering with Kid Stock is an ideal addition to a teen’s portfolio for all aspects of the performing arts industry, and  site leads can serve as references for future jobs if volunteers excel.

Trainees will get a more focused, rigorous training experience this year, leaving them with classroom management skills, instructional skills in both their primary and secondary areas of interest, and essential job skills that can be applied to any industry.

The program will include a pre-camp training session, regular learning check-ins throughout the course of camp, and personalized goal-setting meetings to ensure each trainee gains the skills they need to be successful in a future Director role with Kid Stock!

Four Levels of Training

Level 1

What you need to qualify:
Completed eighth grade graduation; interest in song, dance, drama, or art 
What you earn: 
Level 1 Completion Certificate + service letter

Level 2

What you need to qualify: 
1 year Summer Stock volunteer experience or equal experience
What you earn:
Level 2 Completion Certificate, service letter $200 Award

Level 3

What you need to qualify: 
2 years Summer Stock volunteer experience or equal experience
What you earn: Level 3 Completion Certificate, service letter + $250 Award

Level 4

What you need to qualify: 
3 years Summer Stock volunteer experience or equal experience
What you earn: 
Level 4 Completion Certificate, service letter + $300 Award

All Levels

What you need to qualify: 

> Interest in the performing arts (specifically song, dance, drama or art) 
> Interest in working with grades K-8  
> Interest in teaching or leadership
> Enrolled in high school for the 2019–20 school year

What you earn:
Level completion certificate and service letter + each camp session will have a VIP Award of $200 for the most valuable DIT!


Ready to Apply?

For all levels, you can fill out an application here!



Email us anytime at or call and leave us a message at 415.753.3737 and we’ll get back to you asap.