camp crate faqs

Will any of the summer sessions be held IRL?

Due to Shelter In Place orders extending through May and continued health and safety concerns surrounding COVID-19, all in-person theater camp sessions are cancelled until further notice. 

Which instructors will be part of Camp Crate?

Information on instructors for each Camp Crate package is coming soon! However you can expect to see teachers Bradley Galliani, Alli Wright, Caity Prather, Mel Suncin and Sarah Lopez just to name a few. 

Is Camp Crate self-directed or do parents need to manage?

Camp Crate activities require very little parent management, but all activities can be fun for the whole family! Because all kids have different learning needs, parents are encouraged to assist their camper with initial set up and navigation. A parent guide (PDF) and instructional video will accompany each Camp Crate so that parental involvement is as minimal as is best for you and your family. 

Is Camp Crate COPAA-compliant?

Yes. The safety and security of our campers is our top priority.

How is Kid Stock addressing privacy issues for kids?

Camp Crate is a remote camp experience that can be completed from the privacy and comfort of home with no obligation to participate in live or social media activities. Camp Crate will, however, offer access to a private chat platform where kids and parents can communicate with other participants about the day and post video updates of at-home work. However, all online activity must be performed through parent accounts with parental permission and is fully optional. More info on the Camp Crate communication platform coming soon. 

Zoom classes associated with Camp Crate are private and require permission to enter from Kid Stock as the host. We will vigilantly monitor Zoom class attendance closely to ensure the safety of our campers. 

Do you have custom options available where kids can build their own Camp Crate?

Camp Crate is a pre-designed course pack and is the base for Camp Crate Premium, and Camp Crate Pro. Add-on workshops for more in depth instruction in dance, drama and music are available as stand alone workshops, giving kids a chance to get a solid base experience and customize their continued learning toward their interests. Camp Crate Premium includes the choice of 2 add-ons and Camp Crate Pro comes with 4. 

How are you addressing Camp Crate for the older kids?

Camp Crate Premium is offered exclusively to our eldest camper group (10–12). Premium participants will receive more advanced theatrical training, including interactive instructor-led scene work via Zoom, monologue development and a performance in a digitally produced final video.

What’s included in the Camp Crate?

Click here to see a comparison of what comes with Camp Crate and Camp Crate Premium.

What if my kid wants one-on-one instruction?

One-on-one instruction or small group instruction will be introduced to Camp Crate bundles as an add-on feature (coming soon).

How does the Camp Crate breakdown by age?

Camp Crate is available for ages 4–6, 7–9, and 10+. Camp Crate Premium is available for ages 10+ only.

How much does Camp Crate cost?

There are 2 tiers of Camp Crate, each containing over 30 hours of musical theater activities!

Camp Crate: $350
Camp Crate Premium (10+ only): $650

Can I apply my current balance to Camp Crate? 

Absolutely! If you have already paid part or all of your tuition for a summer 2020 session, it will automatically be in our system as credit for your next activity with Kid Stock. To use this credit for Camp Crate, take 5 minutes to fill out our Camp Crate pre-sale form and we’ll take care of the rest.

Is there a schedule?

Each Camp Crate comes complete with a suggested schedule in order to guide campers progressively through their experience, but they are encouraged to work at their own pace. Camp Crate is designed to be done anywhere, anytime! 

The only exception is if you select a live instruction or interactive add-on for your camper. Live Zoom sessions will be scheduled and instructors may give guided assignments on a suggested timeline.

What technology do I need to participate with Camp crate?

Camp Crate campers will need a desktop computer, laptop or tablet with a stable internet connection to access the fun.

Is there an opportunity to interact with other campers via internet etc?

Yes! Camp Crate includes access to a private communication platform where parents—and kids through their parents accounts—can post comments, photos and videos to share with each other  anytime over the summer! There are also quite a few add-ons to Camp Crate that will enhance your camper’s experience:

Small Group Drama Workshops: Get direct feedback and live instruction on the drama lessons you’re working on at home with Camp Crate from your favorite Kid Stock drama teachers and have fun learning with a small group of friends on Zoom! 

Small Group Vocal Coaching: Practice your songs and get coaching from Kid Stock’s song instructors and sing together with a small group of fellow campers.

Small Group Dance Lessons: Work your dance skills with other dedicated dancers and Kid Stock’s dance teachers as you fine-tune your technique.

Is there a performance opportunity to share with family and friends?

All small group Zoom workshops will be recorded for playback and sharing at home.

Live Zoom classes will have a virtual performance day where friends and family may attend to see their camper’s hard work. 

If I select a live instruction or interactive add-on can I guarantee my camper will see the friends they are most excited to see? 

We are not able to guarantee that campers will be scheduled in the same live session as their friends, but there is an option when selecting your add-on to list any friends your camper hopes to interact with this summer. We know how important community is to our campers and will do our best to make it happen!

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