What are Summer Stock Theater Camps?

Summer Stock Theater Camps are three-week-long immersive day camps that introduce children ages 5-14 to musical theater, with emphasis on voice, dance, acting, visual art, and stage crew. Visit our summer programs page to learn more.


How do I enroll in a Kid Stock program?


For Summer Stock Theater Camps and select after-school programs, including Sunshine Band, enrollment is completed online. Visit our registration page and select “Add to cart” for the program of your choice (be sure to double check that is the correct age group for your child). Once you’ve added a program to your cart, you will be redirected to Activityhero, where you will need to log in to your existing account or create a new one. 

If a program is already at capacity, you will need to select “Join the Waitlist.” Joining the waitlist is free, and many waitlisted registrants receive a spot at one of our programs.

Can I reserve a spot at a Summer Stock Theater Camp?

There are two ways to secure your spot at one of our summer programs. When registration opens, you can elect to pay in full at the time of enrollment or you can choose to put down a nonrefundable $150 deposit. Both options secure your spot at camp! If you choose to reserve your space with a deposit, you will be sent an invoice for your remaining camp fees a couple of months before your program’s start date.

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How much do Summer Stock Theater Camps cost?
$1,200 for 15-day camps, $1,130 for 14-day camps

Six-month payment plans are available for all camps.

Need help paying for camp?

All campers are eligible to receive financial aid. Visit our financial aid page to start your easy online application.

Where does my enrollment fee go?


Camper registration fees are used to cover the cost of materials (scripts, art supplies, CD and digital video production, snacks, etc.), site rental and insurance, and to pay our talented staff. Any excess is used to support our scholarship fund.


Do you offer financial aid?


Yes! Kid Stock offers financial aid in the form of full and partial scholarships. We strive to match requests in our effort to keep our programs affordable for all children. To apply, complete our Financial Aid Request Form

Can I set up a payment plan?


Absolutely! To set up a payment plan, the first step is to fill out our Payment Plan Request Form. Once you’ve submitted the form, our team will reach out with next steps.

Can I receive a refund?

All cancellations must be made at least one week prior to your session’s start date for you to receive a refund. For summer programs,  a nonrefundable $150 camper deposit is required for enrollment and cannot be returned.

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Do Kid Stock programs have prerequisites?

Not at all! Our programs are designed for actors of all skill levels, including first timers. All that’s required is a positive attitude and a willingness to try new things.

Do you hold auditions?

Our summer camps and Sunshine Band do not hold formal auditions. The reason for this is that we try to provide a low-pressure environment in which our campers can express themselves and test their limits without any added pressure. Auditions are a part of our in-school programs, but each child will receive a role, provided they meet all academic and conduct requirements.

How does casting work? And can roles change?

Kid Stock shows are cast based on several factors including enthusiasm, comfort level, and age, and every participant gets a role in the show. Our primary goal is to place each camper where he or she will be challenged and given the best possible opportunity to shine. 

During the first few days of camp, students are encouraged to showcase their passions and abilities in their drama, dance, and singing workshops by volunteering for solos, learning choreography, and bringing characters to life both vocally and physically during script read-throughs while the instructors observe and take notes. At the casting sessions, the department heads and site director meet and compare notes. Together, they come up with a single cast list.

It is our policy not to switch or change parts once they have been announced out of fairness to the entire cast. While our staff members try to make every camper happy, disappointment isn’t unheard of. We encourage our students to find the fun and the challenge in each role, regardless of whether it was what they initially desired, and to focus on the quality of each part rather than the quantity of lines.

My child has special needs/a medical condition. Can he/she still participate?

Absolutely! However, it is incredibly important that our staff members are aware of any special needs and/or medical conditions so that we can be sure each site is properly equipped to accommodate them. This includes any learning disabilities or behavioral conditions. The health and safety of our campers is among our top priorities.

How large are your summer camps?

Kid Stock’s camps’ range from 40-75 students per site. Regardless of camp size, every student receives a speaking part in the play, and our student-to-staff ration remains the same at each site.

Give a kid a chance to shine!