Summer 2021 Health & Safety Plan Basics

Social Distancing

  • 14 Campers and at least 2 staff per Family Group (sorted by age)

  • Each Family Group will have their own designated room

  • Each camper will have designated space (marked-off) within their room 

  • “Buffer Zones” will exist in open/community spaces to keep appropriate distance

  • Family groups may only interact with one another


  • Art supplies (glue, markers, scissors, etc.and shared items  will be sanitized per use. Each child will be issued their own set of supplies for the duration of camp.

  • All tabletop surfaces and chairs will be sanitized by staff daily pre-camp, between activities, and post-camp.

  • Mandatory hand washing will take place daily upon arrival to camp, after snack break/lunch time, prior to and post outdoor play, and prior to end of day dismissal.

  • Visual and verbal reminders about sanitation, coughing/sneezing protocol, and other preventative steps will be provided by staff regularly

  • Hand sanitizer and sanitation supplies will be provided for each family group

Face Covers

  • All campers are required to wear a facial covering throughout the day, during indoor and outdoor activities.

  • Facial coverings will be provided for staff. Wearing is mandatory.

Snack/Lunch Breaks

  • Campers and their Family Group leaders will eat lunch in their designated-distanced space indoors or outdoors

  • Social distancing norms apply for outdoor and outdoor  play

Bathroom Usage

  • Staff will ensure that no more than 2 campers visit the restroom at one time

  • Bathrooms will be sanitized hourly by staff

Drop-Off/Pick-Up Procedures

  • Parents/Guardians will wait in a line on the exterior for staff to greet and escort camper to designated areas

Symptom Screening

  • Daily Google Form will be required to be submitted by parents/guardians answering standard COVID-19 screening questions. (i.e. symptom check,  exposure check etc.) 

  • Staff will be trained on recognizing the signs and symptoms

    • Fever, Chills, or Repeated Shaking/Shivering

    • Feeling Unusually Weak or Fatigued  Loss of Taste or Smell

    • Muscle pain

    •  Headache

    • Cough

    • Sore Throat

    • Shortness of Breath

    • Difficulty Breathing

  • No-touch thermometer will be used if Staff recognize symptoms.