kid stock, jr.

Enter the spotlight!

In the world of theater, there are no small parts, only small actors. Kid Stock, Jr. is a three-week summer theater experience with a special focus on giving our youngest campers (rising kinder through second graders) more time to shine. Each camper gets a great part that includes singing, dancing, and spoken lines! Specialized instructors emphasize imagination and play as they introduce content, tailored for each age group’s learning style and pace.


program locations

Kid Stock, Jr. is offered at multiple locations for summer 2020. 

Plays for Younger Actors

Kinder through second or third comprise the whole cast of a play written for younger campers!

Star Search (K–3)

St. Anne’s of the Sunset, $1,200

9 am–3 pm | June 8–26, 2020

Woodland World (K–2)

Slovenian Hall, $1,130

9 am–3 pm | June 22–July 10, 2020

Woodland World Half Day (K–2)

Only available for kinder

Slovenian Hall, $565

9 am–12:30 pm | June 22–July 10, 2020

Plays for All Ages

Kinder through second join the cast of a larger, more complex play and start the show off with a set of songs and dances.

Rockin’ The USA (K–8)

St. Anne’s of the Sunset, $1,130

9 am–3 pm | June 29–July 17, 2020