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What's In The Box?!

Camp Crate is Kid Stock Summer camp in a (virtual) box! Song, dance, drama and crafts delivered straight to your inbox! Activities, exercises, warm ups, and tutorials are downloadable videos led by our Kid Stock team so kids can watch and rewatch anytime! For ages 10+ Camp Crate Pro includes live interactive Zoom sessions!

Performing Arts For All

Camp Crate is geared toward kids grades PreK–8, but it's something the whole family can enjoy! Crate contents are custom designed by age group so that all performers can be appropriately challenged.

Right now, pre-orders for Camp Crate are exclusive to  families who have already signed up for a summer program! You'll receive Camp Crate at the beginning of summer.

New Product, Same Magic

New product, same great Kid Stock magic! Our mission and vision for kids to realize their own potential and practice self-expression through easily accessible performing arts options remain the same—Camp Crate gives campers a chance to do all that from anywhere, including the living room! Though campers can have fun with Camp Crate anytime, every Crate comes with a recommended schedule for guidance. 

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after school programs

After-school programming serves as a creative outlet for students who take a particular interest in the performing arts. Our typical after-school program operates on a two semester structure, fall and spring, with 8-12 two-hour rehearsals, once a week, each semester. Rehearsals include rotating workshops in song, dance, and drama as well as full cast activities.


We use a rotating workshop format to allow all students to experience a balance of lessons in drama, song, and dance. Students spend 15-30 minutes working on each performance area before reconvening with the group at the end of the rehearsal. We use this format as a guideline, but with all artistic work, it often fluctuates weekly to meet the needs of the specific students we serve.


Kid Stock currently operates eight after-school programs in San Francisco, San Mateo, and Marin counties.


Kid Stock’s longest-running and only open-enrollment after-school program, Sunshine Band, is our test stage for new productions. It’s also a place where students from all schools can participate, so lots of ideas and perspectives come together as the kids build new friendships and work toward a common goal.

The program currently operates as a story-building workshop during the fall and a full production during the spring. The two semesters are independent, so students can participate in one semester or both, and there is no prerequisite to join during the spring.

Sunshine Band, Spring 2020!

Wednesdays, Dates TBA
3:45–5:30 p.m. | St. Anne of the Sunset in San Francisco

“The Fools’ Errand”

The middle of nowhere, a place you pass through on your way somewhere else, that’s where our story begins. In a magical food truck and with the help of a burger grilling dragon, our hero Lulu and her friends fly forward greatness, battling evil witches, royal pains and sinister sisters along the way.

 Registration for Sunshine Band opens soon! 


Though all of our programs prioritize building self-esteem through social emotional learning, we offer three primary learning focuses for our after-school programming: skill building, production, and story building. For each focus we select material that relates to the group of students we serve from our library of original scripts and scenes along with other supplementary material, including popular music and acting books.


Consists of 8 – 12 classes of skill-focused lessons in drama, song, and/or dance per semester, concluding in a shareformance, a small presentation that showcases a sample of what the kids have learned with minimal production elements (i.e. no lighting or major sound amplification, minimal costumes). This focus emphasizes personal growth in specific skills such as vocal projection, character development, and confidence in movement, etc.


Consists of 8-12 rehearsals that are centered around a scripted play and conclude in a fully produced production with ligiting, sound, costumes, hair, and makeup. Featuring song, dance, and drama workshops as well as run throughs of the show, this focus introduces students to the ins and outs of staging a show and encourages them to work toward a common goal.


Consists of 8-12 classes with emphasis on story building, character development, and storytelling for the stage. Our instructors use our workshop rotation format to guide students through the process of creating their own play, complete with songs and dances that help tell the story. At the end of the semester, students show off a small taste of their work with a shareformance. Story building works great for fall semester, especially when followed by a full production in the spring.


Working with schools and community centers, Kid Stock also offers programs designed to enhance performing arts opportunities for students. We currently offer seven such programs. Learn more about partnerships and find out if a school near you offers Kid Stock’s programs.


No programs near you? If you’d like to see more performing arts in your area, contact us about launching an after-school program close to home.