build confidence!

At our performing arts programs, we challenge all our students to grow and learn as they help tell the story and make new friends. We provide programming year round with our in school partnerships, after school open enrollment programs, and summer camps! No matter what time of year our philosophy remains.

Everyone Shines!



Students of all skill level learn to embrace the world of the play and immerse themselves in a story with fellow actors! Our approach to acting is listening and responding, sharing space, and supporting each other. Every students gets a role!



We take our kids from behind the scenes karaoke vibes to belting out those favorites in the spotlight, or building the courage to just step on that stage side by side their friends in the chorus! It’s all about their next level.



We teach basic dance skills designed to teach students how movement can send a message. We embrace varying levels of dance ability and choreograph pieces that make all students feel welcome to join the fun!



Build the show and design your world. Each of our performance elements culminates in a production unique to the students participating in it. Our scripts are customized to meet our students needs, and our students even get to add to the set and props around them.

When will you join us?

Kid Stock offers programming year round. Click below and find out which programs work best for your family. Or reach out to ask for Kid Stock to come to you! | 415-237-3637

Camp Time!

Our three week summer programs are filled with laughter, friends, fun, and of course singing, acting, and dancing. Our low pressure environment facilitated by our talented and well trained team encourages self expression and social emotional growth. Every camper gets a part in the play and by the end of three weeks gets to share their joy with their families in a fully staged production of one of our original musicals written by our staff and customized for your campers! Click Here for more info!


Working in tandem with schools across the Bay Area, Kid Stock becomes part of the school day! Employing our uniquely designed programming, we help schools meet key curriculum standards in dance, music, and theater for grades K-8th. Weekly elective classes allow children to explore performing arts in a safe, convenient environment among their peers. In addition to supplementing our after-school rehearsals, our in-school programs currently include choir, liturgy in motion, and even a preschool music curriculum. The best part? Each of our partnerships is tailored to meet the needs of each school. Learn more about our ​partnerships​.


Either open-enrollment or in partnership with a school, our after-school programs provide a similar experience to our summer camps. Over the course of a semester, students spend two hours per week working on a full musical theater production. Chock full of crazy characters, show-stopping dances and plenty of singing, each show presents a positive message concisely written for a small cast. Learn more about our ​open-enrollment programs​, or view our ​current partners​.

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