Each school has different needs, and that’s why Kid Stock customizes its programs for each unique partner. We currently operate five in-school and nine after-school programs in partnership with local schools and community centers. While our partnership programs are all alike in their overall goal—building self-esteem and social-emotional competence through musical theater—we adapt the format to best serve our partners’ needs. Some request preschool music classes, while others hire our company to direct a big showstopper for the holidays. Whether it’s a full-on musical or skill-building workshop, we adapt our format to provide a program perfectly suited to your students.

Our typical in-school program includes weekly classes, which are based on a uniquely designed course of instruction that blends our mission with key California curriculum standards in drama, dance, and music. Working closely with school administrators and teachers, we ensure that students no only learn skills in each subject but also explore their creativity through self-expression. Most often, our in-school lessons occur in conjunction with an on-site after-school drama program; in this case, each class performs a song and dance number during the show, while the after-school drama students comprise the show’s cast of characters.


Because no two partnerships are quite the same, pricing differs from site to site. And in many cases, Kid Stock taps into its scholarship fund to help alleviate financial burden.


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